About us

Complete Helicopter Services and Training

Safety, reliability and precision.

NAC is a leading provider of aviation services specializing in commercial services such as firefighting, powerline construction, timber harvesting, HVAC & specialty, and oil and gas.


We will be the Nepal and Asia industry leader in providing safe, efficient, high quality and integrated utility aircraft services to build infrastructure and protect people and property.


To operate, maintain and manufacture utility aircraft for the safe transportation of people and cargo around the world. We are multifaceted and self-reliant in remote locations under challenging circumstances.

Environmental Statement

NAC is aware of the challenges and effects its operation has on the environment. NAC is committed to preforming operations in an eco-friendly nature and reducing or eliminating its impact on the environment.


We Handle Everything – Work, Play, and Travel.

NAC is a leading Nepal air services provider, offering a wide variety of airplane, helicopter and drone services, as well as top of the line pilot classes. We approach the travel needs of each client with the greatest care and arrange private jet, helicopter or cargo plane flights according to their needs. The same level of customer care is ensured when providing aerial photography, filming and 3D mapping services with drones/UAV.

Nepal Helicopters

Here at NAC we understand the value of each minute and precision needed to handle those minutes. Whether you are a corporate CEO hurrying to multiple meetings in different cities or a family man looking for beautiful seaside destination or perhaps even a cinema producer trying to deliver film crew and loads of equipment to the Everest mountain – we will handle every minute of your travel with the utmost care and understanding, paying extra attention to your needs. No more exaggerated security screenings at airports, check-in queues and nervous looks at the watch, trying to reach the airport in time – all that is in the past.


To get more information about the comprehensive range of industrial, agricultural, medical and executive helicopter solutions, contact one of our expert customer service agents and let us put together the right quote for you.