Heavy lift helicopters and air cranes have been integral in the construction of utility transmission lines all across the world. Aerial installation of utilities is preferred because helicopters can achieve access to locations that may be remote or underserved, are difficult to traverse or may be environmentally challenging. A point, in fact, helicopter usage in the establishment of transmission lines minimizes damage to existing or fragile environments up to 95 percent and helicopters additionally have been shown to have diminished right of way intrusion. They are significantly faster at completing the process of establishing utilities in newly developed areas as well.

The installation of polesstringing of wireshanging of insulators and accouterments, when facilitated via the use of helicopters, can be completed in a fraction of the time. Utility and electrical companies, as well as contractors seeking helicopter support for utility installation, can connect with us. We specialize in reserving helicopter-assist services for the utility construction and maintenance industry. Agents are available 24/7 to accommodate on-demand requests for service and through a series of questions asked during the reservation process will source appropriate resources to satisfy your companies needs.

Although used widely in new installations, helicopters can assist in a number of ways. For example, in upgrades to existing installations, helicopters can be used to supplant modernized steel poles for worn or outdated wooden ones, restringing of wires, even in installing optical ground wire(OPGW) where applicable. Helicopters can even provide more support by delivering work crews, tools and hardware to elevated destinations. The positive implications for utility companies and contractors brought about through the use of aerial utility construction is limitless.


Reserving with NAC is easy and convenient. Simply place a call, relay detailed information regarding your transmission line construction or project specifics and agents will get to work securing an ideal resolution for you. By hand selecting from an extensive network of operators located globally, agent’s will source the most effective operator, aircraft and hardware to get the project done according to your specification. Need additional services beyond transmission line construction or want to learn more about a particular service? Read on to see a brief explanation of the services available to you.

HEAVY LIFTS & TOWER CONSTRUCTION. Heavy lift helicopters make use of rigging, cables and cargo hooks affixed externally to the helicopter to transport materials needed in the construction of transmission towers. These towers are configured in a variety of ways dependent upon their location, voltage and number of circuits, therefore the materials needed in construction vary. Materials may often consist of the following: tubular steel, aluminum or steel lattice sections, even concrete. Additionally, longlines may be used to suspend linemen below the helicopter in efforts to repair, maintain and construct transmission towers.

LOGISTICAL TRANSPORT. In the past, the installation of transmission lines required an extensive number of linemen and ground crew to construct the transmission towers and string them. As did ground patrols to conduct inspections of existing utilities. Dependent upon where these towers were established, electrical workers were expected to take ATVs or simply walk, which proved ineffective, and did little to save the project time and money. With the efficient support of helicopters, crews can be delivered anytime, anywhere with little to no hassle at all.

ROW & SITE INSPECTIONS. Helicopters deliver a 360 degree view of an area which is essential in the performing of site inspections. Helicopter inspections, can often be carried in hours whereas in the past ground inspections of ROW and installations took weeks. Site inspections conducted in or around electrical infrastructures or power grids, which require the helicopter to fly at a low elevation are precarious yet necessary. Helicopters deliver closer inspection of the Right of Way (ROW) to remove debris, uncover property damage, and check for materials left behind.


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