Emergency Helicopter Services

Professional, Prompt, and Reliable Emergency Services.

Emergency Helicopter Services

Often, people are befallen by sudden high stakes medical emergencies that immediately create life or death situations. When the unexpected befalls you or your family member, it’s paramount to know that you will receive the type of medical care and attention that ensures your quality of life. Many people are mistaken in thinking that their insurance will provide what they need in circumstances where emergency lift services are required. They fail to realize how crucial it is to rely on a trusted provider when such a delicate procedure is required.

Nepal Helicopters has long prided itself in providing access to high quality helicopter emergency medical services for a wide range of customers with dynamic sets of needs. Featuring fully staffed ambulance charters, you will have all the assistance you may need in your emergency. Whether it’s conducting a thorough medical consultation with the on-call treating physician, assembling specific equipment for a particular condition, or providing life-saving medication necessary to ensure the patient arrives at the hospital ready to be assisted, the full service emergency helicopter services are the helping hand you require in your time of need.

Medical Transport of Sick & Injured People

Our partners employ professionals who possess the experience and have knowledge of the equipment to carry out medical helicopter transportation of those involved in accidents or individuals who are ill. Our network of Helicopter Emergency Services affiliates ensure that regardless of where the patients are located, we can arrange for an aircraft near them to dispatch almost immediately. Emergency professionals on the ground will determine the best and nearest hospital to which they can be transported. Our partners have helped those with sudden or life-threatening illnesses to reach hospitals or medical facilities.

Search & Rescue Operations

Nepal Helicopter’s affiliated vendors provide state of the art search and rescue operation services. A fleet of Helicopter Emergency Services medical helicopters can help people search for their loved ones, or can provide valuable assistance to authorities in the search for missing persons. Over the years, these vendors have assisted law enforcement officials, private entities, and individuals in search and rescue operations throughout the country. The team of pilots responsible for flying these missions have numerous of hours of experience flying rescue missions and are generally familiar with the areas they are tasked with operating in!


Large Scale Evacuation Assistance

We have access to a number of medical helicopters and rapid response aircraft that remain on standby. Our partner’s team of professionals have experience dealing with emergency situations, and providing the right equipment to handle them with ease. Operational managers can help plan and execute the smooth evacuation of people from affected areas or soon to be impacted areas. They can carry out the evacuation effectively by utilizing a vast network of Helicopter Emergency Services. Once the situation has been resolved, they can help repatriate people.


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