Environmental Helicopter Services

Aerial Surveys, Thermal Imagery, Wildlife Management and more.

Environmental Helicopter Services

The applications within the realm of environmental aerial services are too many in number to speak about them all so we’ll focus on the more often enquired about services we can arrange for clients. These particular services serve a variety of interests and provide beneficial ways and means in which people who work within several different industries can put helicopter solutions to effective use for them in a more successful way.

Wildlife Surveys

For taking measurements of naturally recurring population growth, migration patterns as well as birth rates and gender dispersion Wildlife Surveys are key. When taking a helicopter aerial survey of a forest, for example, the best views of wildlife population are achieved. But Wildlife Surveys aren’t only for land based animals. If you are looking for tracking and graphs for manatee migration or to track the dispersion of tagged whales over the pacific, we can also take aerial surveys over the Ocean as well.

Geographic Surveys

Geographic Surveys entail not only aerial mapping, but also taking measurements and graphs of geographical areas. Not only can this be used to further knowledge for seismology, geology, but also land maintenance as well. Sometimes helicopter aerial surveying for geographical purposes are taken to assess damage of forest fires, or to map out the way a stream of water might have eroded the topsoil in a particular area. Government agencies may also use these to monitor state protected areas such as forests and mountain areas.


Environmental Protection and Emergency Response

Disaster relief helicopter services are a necessary element in the realm of environmental helicopter services. From sky cranes and their aerial firefighting efforts, to the heavy lifting capabilities of helicopter lifts to remove debris and burned or scorched structures so as to start the redeveloping and clean up process after a natural disaster or forest fire, to the emergency response helicopters that fly in and deliver medical personnel or much needed supplies, all of these serve to make a positive environmental impact on the surroundings that they are called upon to work in.

Beyond these incredible efforts are several more options that are available to those in pursuit of developing environmental stability and aerial aid via helicopters after disaster strikes.

  • Aerial Firefighting
  • Rehabilitation Operations
  • Transporting Supplies or Mobile Hospitals
  • Removing Wreckage
  • Recovery or People, Property, Machinery and Wreckage

Contact our agents to arrange any of the aforementioned environmental helicopter services. We’ll work hard to establish the very best in helicopter solutions to satisfy the requirement of your particular environmental helicopter service need.


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