Heavy lift helicopter services for precision placement or installation of heavy equipment & structures

An aerial crane or flying crane is a helicopter used to lift heavy or awkward loads. When traditional cranes simply can’t accomplish the job due to expense, the need of an expensive installation, or simply due to a remote location, helicopter lifts are the answer. Helicopters allow these difficult lift jobs to be done quickly and efficiently. As aerial cranes, helicopters carry loads connected to long cables or slings in order to place heavy equipment when other methods are not available or economically feasible, or when the job must be accomplished in remote or inaccessible areas, such as the tops of tall buildings or the top of a hill or mountain, far from the nearest road.

Using a longline, also known as a slingline, heavy lift helicopters have very little limitation to the type of outdoor work they can accomplish. From Rooftop Unit Placement (such as large air conditioning units) to Antenna and Tower Construction, Powerline Construction, Ski Lift Construction, Aircraft and Boat Salvage, Disaster Relief assistance, Wildfire Suppression and more, NAC’s network of Aircranes can help you accomplish almost any task quickly and on-budget. No job is too big and we are experts in unique tasks that other heavy lift services might shy away from.

We are able to plan and schedule any project, regardless of whether it is local, nationwide or somewhere in between. NAC will find the most efficient way to transport your cargo, with the goal of saving time and money firmly in mind. Turn to Our affiliate network of helicopter lift services for your next large project!


Heavy lift helicopters make use of rigging, cables and cargo hooks affixed externally to the helicopter to transport materials needed in the construction of transmission towers as well as cellphone towers and other communication towers. These towers are configured in a variety of ways dependent upon their location, equipment, and other specifics, therefore the materials needed in construction vary. Materials may often consist of the following: tubular steel, aluminum or steel lattice sections, even concrete. Additionally, long-lines may be used to suspend linemen below the helicopter in efforts to repair, maintain, upgrade and construct towers.


One of the most common heavy lift tasks that come across our desks is the installation or replacement of commercial HVAC units and adapter curbs.  For many tall, high square footage, or remote buildings, a crane simply can’t be utilized affordably and that’s where the use of a heavy lift helicopter really shines.  Our pilots are well trained in doing the precise long-line work required to position HVAC units quickly and easily.  Most jobs only take an hour or two and don’t involve the potential for the destruction of pavement or landscaping that may come with a crane. Call today and get a fast, free quote and we’ll handle the FAA flight plans for you!


To get more information about the comprehensive range of industrial, agricultural, medical and executive helicopter solutions, contact one of our expert customer service agents and let us put together the right quote for you.